Project Locationaire

I rarely have the chance to show what I am actually doing at university. But yesterday was the final presentation of a practical course on iOS development and I’d like to share the result.


Locationaire is an app to bookmark and share the best locations you discover and share them with your best friends. When you and your friends are traveling around the globe Locationaire allows to easily share the places you discover and to find the places your friends like.

We – Fabian, Felix, Jörg and me – didn’t aim to get people to constantly save every location. Instead we focused on getting honest recommendations. Therefore Locationaire doesn’t have any global stream or similar functionality but only shows the items of your friends, the people who you trust and whose taste you value.

You can find more information on


For me personally it was the second time I actively developed on iOS and the first time to probably get an actual app out the door. We used Parse as backend and Foursqaure to get locations, which allowed us to mostly focus on the iOS part of the project.

Quo vadis?

At the moment we are happy that we got that far and rocked our presentation. Although we have to catchup with our other courses for now, we plan on bringing Locationaire to the AppStore.

To get if even faster, we start a private beta in the upcoming days. If you are interested feel free to contact us.

Tracking myself

The idea to capture as much data as possible about myself fascinates me. Most of the time I don’t have any specific goal in my mind. It is more about looking back and seeing how things evolved over weeks/months/years. Throughout the last couple of years I tried many different approaches and tools. Here is a short overview of the areas I currently track and what I use for it.

Spending: Next

It’s easy to automatically track the movements in my bank account. But this hardly mirrors my actual spending habits as I can’t figure out where all my cash goes. Next is a sleek iOS app to track on what I actually spend my money.

Sports: Runkeeper

I picked up running once again this year and doing so far much better than in all previous attempts. And finally I can put all those fitness apps to use. I decided to go with Runkeeper mostly because I like their data export options and that they offer an API.

Journaling and everything else: Day One

Day One lives on both my Mac and my iPhone. Generally I try to capture bigger stories about my personal life in there. It’s nice to sometimes look back on what obsessed my mind a couple of months ago and how these things actually turned out.

Brett Terpstra’s Slogger is a nifty tool that pipes the social webservices of choice into Day One. Such a great tool to preserve all my tweets and checkins in a central place.

Maybe I made this whole entry up as an excuse for pre-ordering the Fitbit Flex.

Switching to Ocotopress

Along with a small refresh of the design, I switched this blog from Wordpress to Octopress. Except for the name these two have actually very few in common. While Wordpress is a blogging system growing into a fully fledged CMS, Octopress is a static site generator.

I do still enjoy developing projects with Wordpress a lot. It’s template and theming structure is relatively simple and straightforward (other than Drupal). For most blog-alike things it is the most suitable option.

So I ditched it mostly out of curiosity to try something new. While the admin interface of Wordpress is easy to use, it bugged me to only have the posts in a database on my server. Quite some time ago I have come to love Markdown (and it’s extension MulitMarkdown). It allows me to store additional semantic information in plain text files. Yet I can edit and read these files on any available machine without any proprietary software.

Using Octopress I now create all entries locally on my Mac and write them in Markdown. Which makes them also searchable via Spotlight. It comes with a handy deployment functionality which automatically pushes everything to the server. I find this workflow quite enjoyable.

Furthermore this blog has now a new domain ( along the previous .de-domain) and yes, I am writing in English.

Prima Leben und Stereo 2012

Man kann nie auf genug Festivals gehen. Also gings vergangenes Wochenende aufs PLUS nach Freising. Mein zweites Festival nach dem Southside im Juni. Allerdings Unterschiedlicher könnte es kaum sein: Nur eine Bühne, recht unbekannte Bands, kein Becks und "Camping" bei Freunden daheim. Nur das Wetter ist auf allen Festivals gleich riskant. Nachdem das PLUS bei meinem letzten Besuch 2010 regelrecht abgesoffen ist, hatten wir dieses Jahr mehr Glück. Leicht bewölkt, warm genug und nur ein kleiner Nieselregen ist eine gute Mischung. Der einzige Schauer kam gerade, als wir noch beim Weißwurstfrühstück im Trockenen saßen. Vielleicht werde ich auch nur alt, aber so es ist schon sehr bequem, in einem Haus schlafen zu können und dennoch in 20 Minuten aufm Festivalgelände zu sein. Da braucht man auf so manchen Zeltplatz länger (I'm looking at you, Frequency!). Es passt zur sonst schon familiären Atmosphäre. So verbrachten wir die Nachmittage eher im hinteren Bühnenbereich chillend auf der Wiese und tranken Bier der ältesten Brauerei der Welt. Musikalisch waren Fuck Art, Let's Dance! und Fiva & das Phantom-Orchester ziemlich weit vorne dabei. Aber auch die meisten lokalen Bands ausm Münchner Raum haben perfekt in diese sommerliche Stimmung gepasst.

public learning

Vier Jahre Student sein und immer noch nicht wissen, wie man am besten die ganzen Informationen organisiert. Oder aus Prokrastinationsgründen immer neue ausprobieren? Anyway. Über Stift und Papier, Evernote, Wikis, OneNote, bin ich jetzt bei GitHub gelandet. Die Idee dahinter: Warum nicht die Dinge, die ich mir für Klausuren näherbringen darf, wie Code behandeln? Lernen ist auch nichts anderes als das Wissen zu versionieren. Here you go: (und ja, ich schreib dieses Semester nur eine Klausur)