Switching to Ocotopress

Along with a small refresh of the design, I switched this blog from Wordpress to Octopress. Except for the name these two have actually very few in common. While Wordpress is a blogging system growing into a fully fledged CMS, Octopress is a static site generator.

I do still enjoy developing projects with Wordpress a lot. It’s template and theming structure is relatively simple and straightforward (other than Drupal). For most blog-alike things it is the most suitable option.

So I ditched it mostly out of curiosity to try something new. While the admin interface of Wordpress is easy to use, it bugged me to only have the posts in a database on my server. Quite some time ago I have come to love Markdown (and it’s extension MulitMarkdown). It allows me to store additional semantic information in plain text files. Yet I can edit and read these files on any available machine without any proprietary software.

Using Octopress I now create all entries locally on my Mac and write them in Markdown. Which makes them also searchable via Spotlight. It comes with a handy deployment functionality which automatically pushes everything to the server. I find this workflow quite enjoyable.

Furthermore this blog has now a new domain (justcurious.is along the previous .de-domain) and yes, I am writing in English.