Tracking myself

The idea to capture as much data as possible about myself fascinates me. Most of the time I don’t have any specific goal in my mind. It is more about looking back and seeing how things evolved over weeks/months/years. Throughout the last couple of years I tried many different approaches and tools. Here is a short overview of the areas I currently track and what I use for it.

Spending: Next

It’s easy to automatically track the movements in my bank account. But this hardly mirrors my actual spending habits as I can’t figure out where all my cash goes. Next is a sleek iOS app to track on what I actually spend my money.

Sports: Runkeeper

I picked up running once again this year and doing so far much better than in all previous attempts. And finally I can put all those fitness apps to use. I decided to go with Runkeeper mostly because I like their data export options and that they offer an API.

Journaling and everything else: Day One

Day One lives on both my Mac and my iPhone. Generally I try to capture bigger stories about my personal life in there. It’s nice to sometimes look back on what obsessed my mind a couple of months ago and how these things actually turned out.

Brett Terpstra’s Slogger is a nifty tool that pipes the social webservices of choice into Day One. Such a great tool to preserve all my tweets and checkins in a central place.

Maybe I made this whole entry up as an excuse for pre-ordering the Fitbit Flex.