The Web Ahead #75

Andy Clarke:

It feels like at this point that we’re just, probably temporarily, but we seem to be in this little era of, “Well, let’s download Bootstrap, we know we’re going to have a header graphic. We know we’re going to have a horizontal list of links for our navigation. We’re going to have three columns and we’re going to have these boxes in these columns.” It feels a bit like everybody just makes that assumption so quickly without even imagining anything else as a possibility.

On The Web Ahead, Jen Simmons recently talked to Andy Clarke about “Creative Direction”. Or more about the current lack of it. I totally agree with Andy on this. It feels like too many projects start of with Bootstrap and all the design assumptions it caries. While it might serve the purpose of making a user-friendly website, it removes a lot of creativity that made the web so special (in a good and a bad way) in the beginning.

While all these UI patterns are well-tested and optimized, they make a lot of the web feeling the same. Recently I started to hold a little grudge against Bootstrap for that reason (and some other aspects but that’s for a longer post). I will try to put some more effort into design problems before just throwing one of these default elments at it.

And if you don’t listen to The Web Ahead yet, I suggest you give it a try. It’s ony of my favorite webdesign podcasts.