Add to 2Do v1.0 – Now also available for Chrome

Yesterday I released version 1.0 of my “Add to 2Do” extension, for both Chrome and Firefox:

This is the first version for Chrome, but has essentially the same the first version of my “Add to 2Do” extension on the Chrome Web Store. Like it’s Firefox pendant it will create a new task in your 2Do inbox with the title of the current tab and the URL as note. While the functionality and behavior is mostly the same, there were quite a few changes under the hood to get it there.

Migrating to WebExtensions

Essentially this version is a complete re-write, granted it’s less than a hundred lines of code. While the first version for Firefox used Mozilla’s own Add-On SDK, I migrated it over to the WebExtension format as a reviewer suggested. This format has been introduced by Chrome, and even Microsoft’s Edge uses it, making it a somewhat universal standard for browser extensions. Are We WebExntesions Yet has a nice overview on the current state of Firefox catching up with Chrome.

My first go at it was to mimic Mozilla’s starter tutorial on WebExtensions. Plenty of example code on the MDN was an easy start to cover the tab tutorials on how to use the Tab-related APIs, what I struggled the most with was the part of calling a different URL scheme to make use of the x-callback-url endpoint of 2Do. The Firefox add-on used the proprietary Request object, which isn’t available from the WebExtension framework, yet native XMLHttpRequests will require a try-catch block to avoid errors. So after some fiddling and research I went with using a temporary iFrame.

Next Steps

For myself the current state is “good-enough” and I don’t have any immediate plans to extend the extension in any major way. The direct to-dos left in 2Do are to polish the entries in the Chrome WebStore and on the Mozilla Add-On directory. And to better document and organize the Github repository.