MacBook Pro, 2017

After a lot back and forth in the last months, I finally ordered a new MacBook Pro after this years WWDC. It arrived here a week ago, so time to gather some first thoughts about it.

Initial impression: So light! Coming from a 2011 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 2014 13-inch MacBook Air, I expected it to be somewhere in the middle in regards of portability. But it feels very similar to the Air despite the larger footprint and the small increase in weight. Carrying it in my backpack I couldn’t care less about these differences, but the benefits when using this machine are just so much better.

It is my first retina computer, but I came around to use the display in a scaled mode at 1900 x 1200 pixels. This leaves me with enough space to run the same window configuration on both the builtin and my external monitor. Previously I would have different presets on what’s shown in the IDE and which windows are run in fullscreen or window mode.

One thing I am not completely sold on yet, is the Touchbar. I don’t have any direct issues with it and still manage to hit esc whenever I intend to do so. But I don’t see the advantage over the old function keys either. Of course the addition of Touch ID is a huge thing that finally made me upgrade my computer password to a stronger one. The keyboard works very well for me, so far not an issue for me, but I ditched my old Magic Keyboard as going back and forth between them felt weird.

Funny story related to the Touchbar: In the first few days I often ended up touching the screen and trying to use it as a touch screen. Probably related to the small distance between Touchbar and display. But failing to do this often enough, it’s not an issue any longer. (But maybe a touchscreen isn’t as bad as Apple thinks.)

Obligatory mention of the #donglelife: I try to bypass having a docking station or therelike by directly upgrading most cables to USB-C cables, so I just have one HDMI-dongle for whenever I need to connect to a projector and two tiny USB dongles just in case.

So let’s see how it holds up in the long run, but for now I am very happy with this machine.