The Comeback of Feeds

A year ago I wrote how newsletters became my main way to stay up-to-date and how RSS died a little for me when Google Reader was sunsetted. Now it's 2018 and things changed a bit: I'm back on the "feeds-are-awesome"-team.

As I tend to only keep mails in my inbox which are still "to-do", the newsletters felt more and more like a task I had to complete. Especially whenever a few started to pile up, this became annoying. Recently I saw two things that spurred my interest in feeds again. On the one hand Brent Simmons is currently working on a new opensource feed reader for macOS, called Evergreen. And on the other hand I stumbled about, a sort of RSS-based Twitter.

So I reactivated my Feedbin account – a web-based feed reader. For now I mostly subscribed to personal blogs of people I know and/or admire. And while I initially unsubscribed from a few newsletters, I notices a few days ago that you can subscribe to newsletters via Feedbin, so I re-subscribed to a few via Feedbin. For now I use the webinterface only and look forward to Evergreen gain the ability to sync with Feedbin.

On the second topic of The idea is that you can write twitter-like posts on your own blog and syndicate them through RSS. So all publishing happens decentralized under my own control. The platform then consolidates all those feeds into a neat interface. I yet have to fully set my up though.

And as a general benefit, this blog has now a favicon.