EOY 2019

I'm somewhat surprised my last year in review post is about 2014. I tend to write those for myself yearly but apparently didn't get to create a public version from it in the last few years. So here an unsorted list about things I did in 2019, topics I found interesting and stuff that changed.

Most memorable where the four weeks I spent road-tripping Australia in October and November. Driving from Sydney to Cairns in a campervan. Likely the best vacation of my life. Still have a ton of photos and videos to sort through. As we left when the fires started, I am really sad about the current situation over there.

Some media consumption stats: Read 17 books. Listened some 36.000 minutes on Spotify. Went to 7 concerts (fav: Muse in Berlin).

Upgraded to the iPhone 11 for the trip to Australia — worth it for the camera alone. Also decided to give the Apple Watch a try — not yet convinced.

Bought a Synology DS218+ as center piece for our home network. Currently acts as VPN, Time Machine backup destination, PiHole, Unifi Controller and Plex server (and as data store for everything else).

At work I got to do two AWS certifications: Developer Associate and DevOps Professional. Worked on a lot of interesting projects at work, mostly centred around the services for Home Connect.

Also got to attend the We Are Developers Congress in Berlin. Favourite talk: Rasmus Lerdorf: 25 Years of PHP.

New favorite coding tools: TypeScript; Dank Mono as coding font; Color scheme toggles between Monokai Pro and Tomorrow Night.

Went to the gym more often than the years before but regularity only set in in November / December.

Onto a great 2020.