Finicky - Always open the right browser

Thanks the ongoing pandemic, I currently work from home and spend much more time in video calls. We use a variety of systems to do that: Slack, Zoom, Google Meet / Hangout and Jitsi. Especially the last two systems run exclusively in the browser. And while I am a big fan of Firefox and use its Developer Edition as my main browser, video calls appear to run smoother in Chrome.

Until today I would most often follow links to Hangouts or Jitsi to open in Firefox only to copy over the URL to Chrome. However I wondered whether there is a better way to do this — that's how I stumbled upon Finicky: A small macOS utility to set as default browser and that can be scripted for which URLs to open in what browser.

So no matter where I click on a Jitsi or Hangouts link — it will open in Chrome but everything else will open in Firefox.

My current configuration:

module.exports = {
  defaultBrowser: "Firefox Developer Edition",
  handlers: [
      match: finicky.matchHostnames(["", "", ""]),
      browser: "Google Chrome"
      match: /\/j\//,
      browser: "us.zoom.xos"
  • Update 2020-03-28: Added a config to open Zoom links directly in the app.