Octopress 3

For over a year this blog has been powered by Octopress 2. I learnt a lot about Jekyll and Octopress in the meanwhile and tweaked my system on various occasions. And I still love the system and the ideas behind it. So today I rebuilt my blog with Octopress 3.

It wasn’t an upgrade in the common way. Octopress is no more a full-fledged wrapper around Jekyll but has been split into various components that can be hooked into a Jekyll installation. Have a look at their github profile: there now is octopress, ink, deploy, code-hightlighter and some more.

It is not yet officially released (as of now it’s release candidate 8) – probably also because large parts of the documentation are still missing. So it took me quite some time to get it all up and running, and I’ve likely not yet discovered it’s full potential. Once the documentation and some more explanations are public, I’m happy to write a more extended post on how to use it.

If you encounter any problems with this site be sure to let me know.